From the heart of the Pacific Northwest comes a beef product you can feel good about. Painted Hills Natural Beef is Rancher owned and operated, giving us a unique perspective. This is the same beef we feed our families. Over 150 years of experience that spans generations of ranchers goes into raising our cattle. We use all Northwest beef; predominantly Angus or Angus-Cross for unsurpassed consistency. We are honored to be invited to your family dinner table. Whether we’re fixing fence or cutting hay, the hard work we put into managing our ranches is done with your breakfast, lunch and dinner table in mind.

About Products & Animals

Wholesome Ranching: Painted Hills Natural Beef ranchers appreciate your concern for the welfare of animals and stewardship of our land. The ethics of humane animal husbandry and resource management are matters of importance that we are happy to share with you.

Respect for the animals: Humane treatment of our animals is of paramount importance to us. The care we give our animals begins at birth. We believe in ranching practices that demonstrate respect and concern for our animals.

Be SURE: With the current level of awareness and sophistication in the retail market these days, consumers are demanding a better beef product – and they should! With Painted Hills Natural Beef, you never have to wonder where your beef is coming from. Our cattle are born, raised and processed here in the Pacific Northwest. This is beef you can be SURE about:
S: Safety Standards
U: Universal Vegetarian Diet
R: Record Keeping
E: Excellence in Processing

Painted Hills Natural Beef is raised with:

Painted Hills Natural Beef is:

* No Added Hormones

* USDA inspected

* No Added Antibiotics

* Source Verified

* 100% Vegetarian Diet

* Locally Pasture Raised

*Pasture Raised

* Naturally Flavorful

* Traceable Farm to Fork

* Angus Cross Cattle

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